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Cold press juicers have been very popular of late. They are some of the best juicers around, and they are that way for a good reason.

These juicers are known for producing the best kind of juice. There are different kinds of cold press juicers, and all these are tailored for different purposes. The kind that we want to discuss now is the quite famous manual presser.

Manual pressers as the title says are operated manually and hence need some level of expertise on the part of the user. In this category of juicers, there are still quite some juicers.

Different manufacturers make each of these juicers and as such have very different properties. It can be really difficult looking for the right kind of manual juicer, and that is why this article has been produced.

You will find the information presented here that should be able to offer guidance to any user who wants to find himself a manual presser. Users should go through all the manual pressers presented here and after all that to find one that will suit their purposes well.

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Things To Consider When Buying The Best Manual Cold Press Juicer

Most users don't know how to choose the best manual cold press juicer. This section contains some of the vital factors that should help you in choosing the best among the bests.


As always with these kinds of machines, the cost is so vital consideration. The buyer needs to know the exact value of the product he or she is purchasing. That way there will be no instances of overcharging. And if the buyer desires a more costly option then they will surely get it easily.


The design of the product is also of some importance. Manual cold press juicers are some of the pickiest devices out there. They need to be treated with the most care. A buyer ought to pick one that is very well designed if he is to get the most out of the product. Otherwise, they are bound to be disappointed majorly by their purchase.

Ease Of Use

Manual pressers as I have already pointed out are known for the way they work. They demand a lot from the user and hence must be Easy to use if they are to get the most out of them. When buying this kind of juicer, the buyer should consider the ease with which it can be used before committing fully to the purchase. Any other situation will most likely not end well.

Component Parts

The parts making up the juicer will obviously determine its effectiveness. In this regard, the buyer must consider the juicer thoroughly and look for only the best-made juicer.

He or she should inspect the components and look to see if they add anything to the juicer. Only if he is convinced should he fork out cash to buy?

Best Recommended Manual Cold Press Juicers

The juicers below are above par in comparison with most others. Any user who chooses them will not regret it but will enjoy their service for quite some time.

1. Chef's Star Manual Hand Crank Single Auger Juicer

DEWALT DWE402 4-1 2-Inch 11-Amp Paddle Switch Angle Grinder

Chef's Star is one of the most premier manual juicers, and there is a good reason for that. Excellent design and trusted quality are just two of them.


The plastic used in making the container hold the juice in is usually infused with toxic plastic. Not so with this juicer. The manufacturers made sure that the device is as safe as they come so that users can enjoy a good experience.

No Heat Produced

Like other cold press juicers, the amount of heat produced by this device is at best minimal. The juicer makes sure that the nutrients and enzymes in fruits and vegetables are preserved during the juicing process.

Low Noise

The device operates in a way, unlike the more common centrifugal juicers. With these kinds of juicers one can expect crazy noise levels but not here. Here quiet operation is the order of the day. This will be a convenient fact.


It can be used on all kinds of fruit. The juicer can also be used on vegetables and nuts and most other kinds of foods that have to be crushed to extract juice from them. This makes it a standout product comparatively speaking.

2. Extra Large Commercial Juice Press Juicer

Black & Decker BDEG400 6-Amp Angle Grinder

This is another high-quality juicer that will delight many users who prefer to have full control of the juicing process. It serves well.


Being a commercial juicer, the device is large and can produce large amounts of juice at one go. This makes it ideal for commercial uses such as food business or any other kind of large gathering.

Less Oxidation

The device doesn't allow oxygen into the process of juicing. In this way, the juice can last longer without going bad. Freshness and nutritional value are therefore assured.

Juicing Nuts

The device can be used for juicing nuts as it works just as well with these kinds of foods. It is well-equipped and will provide a good quality juice from even the driest of nuts.


Has long warranty and is a good device to use because the user doesn't have to worry about his or her device going bad and him having to fix it or repair it with his funds.

3. Durable Manual Press Juicer

VonHaus 6-Amp 4-1 2 inch Angle Grinder

As far as manual juicers are concerned, there are few better than this. It is a wonderful piece of machinery that should get all juicers excited. It has a host of features and components that separate it from less illustrious counterparts.

Clear View

The juicing area has a clear view which means that a user can clearly and easily see what is going in. The process can then be easily monitored and left to run smoothly.


The construction of this device was top notch. Not any bits if an effort was spared in making it stand out from the crowded field. The result of this is high-quality juice as well as durable and long lasting body.


It can be used on a variety of vegetables and fruits. Provides easy working either way. It is an invaluable companion. Also, it can, therefore, be put to use in more unconventional settings and still perform just as well.

Customer Service

Warranty and other kinds of customer service are well known and regarded and are easily provided for here. The user need not worry at all.

4. SHINKODA SK-326H Manual Cold Press Slow Juicer

DEWALT DWE4011 4-1/2-Inch Small Angle Grinder

Another very quality presser that has all the required components and more. The following are its standout features

Comes Apart Easily

For any purpose, the user might at times desire that they put the device apart to look into the inside. When this is the thing they want them, they will find that it comes apart very easily and without lots of fuss.

Easily Washable

The ease with which the device can be taken apart means that it should be easy to wash and care for in a very short time. This is the case, and the user will not have to worry about anything.


There are additional parts that can be added to make sure that the device functions in other modes as well. This makes the device able to be used for different kinds of juicing which otherwise wouldn't be possible.


Produces juice at a very good rate and doesn't have any mishaps at all in this regard. It doesn't waste any time while extracting juice.

5. The Original Healthy Juicer (Lexen GP27) - Manual Wheatgrass Juicer

Bosch AG40-85P 4-1 2-Inch Angle Grinder

Lastly, comes to this truly wonderful device. It is a worthy juicer and should be a valuable companion to anybody fond of juicing and even one perhaps who isn't much into the craft but is only mildly curious.

Quality Parts

All parts that have been used to make the device are of the highest quality. There will be no instances of things going wrong while using the device at all times. Users will find this very reassuring.

Long Shelf Life

The device has been made to last long, and that is exactly what it does. There are very few devices which can serve you as long as this one.

Low Noise

It doesn't make a lot of noise while in use unlike other kinds of juicers. This less noise also means that very little heat is being produced. And hence the quality of the juice is also maintained.


Has a very good size level. Not too big and not too small. It can be easily carried from place to place as well as fit into the tightest of places for example kitchens which don't have a lot of space.

Final Words

The process of choosing these devices can be very complicated if you have no clue what to look for.

Such guides are important in providing information to the buyer so that they know what's available and choose it from a position of knowledge. These five presented here are all the very best and nothing about them should concern the buyer negatively.

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