Juice Presso Best Cold Press Juicer Review

Are you tired of making wrong life choices when it comes to healthy living and choosing the wrong dysfunctional and low-quality juicers? Then it’s high time you start living right and embrace smart life choices while living healthy. With this Juice Presso juicer, one can enjoy juicing more than ever and be sure of fresh, healthy thick organic juices for your daily servings. And why should you juice daily when you can juice once every three days since this juice produces more juice which can last up to 3 days after its production?

Juice Presso Best Juicer Cold Press Juicer Review

Easy To Clean

This Juice Presso is usually very easy to clean since all the pulp is removed during juicing leaving no pulp inside the juicer. Plus the juicer can be dissembled when cleaning up which takes less time. Also, assembling the juicer after cleaning it up takes seconds. This juicer is dishwasher safe mostly on its top shelf making it very easy to wash unlike the other juicers which do not fully dish washable but only some of their parts.

Low Speed

This Juice Presso juicer operates at a very low speed of 40 RPM which very essential for retaining good bacteria that makes the organic juice healthy. Also, these low speeds make the juice retain its nutrients since it doesn’t produce a lot of heat that would have otherwise kill these nutrients. Also, slow speed makes extraction of juice to be maximized hence produces more juice production unlike the other high-speed juicers, the pulp removed is usually very dry too.

Extra Wide Mouth For Continuous Juicing

This Juice Presso juicer has a wide mouth that can accommodate more sliced juice ingredients hence makes juicing much easier plus the wide mouth allows continuous juicing since the ingredients can be added onto the mouth without having to put the juicer off. This comes in very handy since it makes juicing much easier plus has an extra nozzle that removes the pulp while juicing at the same time.

A Year Warranty

This Juice Presso juicer has a 30 day trial period which is usually 100% money back guarantee in case of any dissatisfaction. This is very handy since buying a brand for the first time makes one have uncertainties and anxiety of the brand but with this one month trial period makes one have a total comfort and surety of this juicer. Plus the seven years warranty on all the juicer’s parts and the motor makes replacing spoilt parts very easy and cheap.

Small Foot Print

This juicer has a very small footprint that is it has a small size hence takes quite less space. It can fit on most countertops and its dimensions are six by eight by 17 inches which makes it very portable.

Its sleek design makes the Juice Presso juicer a unique piece since when the juicer is not in use one can use it as a kitchen decorator if its placed in a strategic point where it can be easily seen.


  • A year warrant.
  • Extra wide mouth for continuous juicing.
  • Low speed.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Small footprint.


  • Low quality and very expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Juice Presso juicer dish washable?

A: Yes, the Juice Presso juicer can be dissembled into three extracts system making it very easy to wash using the dishwasher.

Q: Does the Juice Presso juicer comes with a warrant?

A: Yes, the juicer comes with a one year warrant and a month trial.

Q: How low is the speed of the juicer? I’m looking for a slow juicer.

A: The juicer has a speed of 40 RPM.

Final Words

Don’t be worried about the price but if it is affordable it just get one and enjoy the rest of your organic juicing without any problems and I’m sure you will never regret it at all.

Its low speed of 40 RPM makes the juicer produce high-quality juice which is very fresh, and the nutrients are also retained making the juice produced to be very healthy. Say no to refined sugar added and flavored unhealthy juices and live longer with this juicer.

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