New Age Living SJC – 45 Masticating Slow Juicer Review

After doing exercises be it in the morning or evening, one always needs a glass of fresh juice to replenish your thirst. And this fresh juice should always be organic with no added sugars so as to watch one’s weight. With the New Age Living SJC, you make it a habit of preparing fresh juice from your ideal ingredients anytime that you feel like.

This juicer has some of the amazing features that make the juicer out of this world and a must purchase juicer. The best warranty that comes with purchasing the juicer is very essential when it comes to trusting the newly purchased juicer and also the one month free trial period makes one sure of the juicer’s operations.

New Age Living SJC – 45 Masticating Slow Juicer Review

Easy To Use

The new age slow juicer has very easy to use even for a beginner since it uses push buttons. These push buttons include the on and off button is very handy which makes the juicer to power on and off while the instant reverse button is used especially when the juicer has clogged hence it makes the juicer unclog itself after pressing it and waiting for some minutes.

Best Warranty

This masticating slow juicer comes with a 5-year warrant for every part hence one can always feel secured when purchasing the juicer. So in case of any damages that have naturally occurred then the juicer can always be repaired at a subsidized price. The juicer also comes with one month trial, and it’s usually 100% money back period.


The new age slow juicer is very versatile when it comes to its performance hence one can not only squeeze juice not only on soft ingredients such as bananas but also on hard ingredients like apples.

It can also be used to prepare baby food too which makes it a come off a kind. And that homemade peanut butter? If yes this juicer can make plenty for your daily requirements too. This is very important since its uses are not restricted to juicing only.


The internal juicer material is made of indestructible baby bottle grade free plastic that doesn’t affect anybody since it certified for human use.

Plus all the wires are safely secured within the internal juicer parts making the juicer have less damage. The juicer has fused plug that regulates the amount of energy passing through to the juicer.


It has 200 watts commercial grade motor spins that run the juicer making it perform efficiently. Also, this motor makes it possible for the juicer to juice or crush hard ingredients like the apples and pineapple. The motor also allows the juicer to juice continuously without it being overheated after juicing.

Low Speed

The new age slow juicer has a very low speed of 45 RPM which is very handy especially when it comes to clogging since the blades are rotating slowly then the juicing ingredient cannot clog the juicer screw which is very handy.

Also, the juice extracted is usually of very high quality since the juicer squeezes almost all the juice out of the juicing ingredients. Low speeds produce very little heat that can make the good bacteria in the juicing ingredient making the extracted juice very nutritious and healthy organic drink.


  • Low speed.
  • Powerful.
  • Safe.
  • Versatile.
  • Best warranty.
  • Easy to use.


  • Not perfect for juicing vegetables

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the major reason of the juicer having a baby bottle grade free plastic?

A: The baby bottle grade free plastic is essential since it makes the free of preservatives.

Q: Can the juicer be dissembled?

A: No, the juicer cannot be dissembled.

Q: What does the instant reverse function do?

A: The instant reverse function is used for removing blockages or clogging.

Final Words

This juicer is a perfect choice for you if you are watching your weight and follow a regular diet regime since the juicer will produce a nutritious and healthy juice that will make you satisfied.

It is usually very versatile and comes to its functions since it can be used to make a baby food, for making an all- natural peanut butter and can juice from both soft and hard ingredients while at the same time producing thick quality juice for your daily servings.

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