Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer Review

Life is all about making smart choices, and these choices include buying a good juicer among other things. One should never purchase a juicer or any other thing just because it’s cheap and readily available but rather ad invest and save for an expensive durable juicer for the best results.

The Omega J8004 Masticating Juicer has some of the best-rated features which include dual stage juicing makes the juice fully extracted hence producing more yields. Its low speed makes the juice produced to be very nutritious since it produces very less heat that the good bacteria can survive.

Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer Review

Dual Stage Juicing

The Omega masticating juicer usually have dual stage juicing, and these involves the grinding and squeezing of the juicing ingredients making the juice extracted to be very thick and produce more from these juicing ingredients. The grinding of the juicing ingredients is the initial stage of juicing which is essential since the ingredients are ground making them soft and full of juice.

The second phase involves the squeezing of the ground juice ingredient which makes it possible to extract up to 85% of the juice from its ingredients, therefore, leaving much drier pulp.

Low Speed

The juicer has a very low speed of about 80 RPM which is very necessary when it comes to the good bacteria survival. Usually, much higher speed provides more heat that kills the good bacteria, unlike the low speed that makes the bacteria survive which in turn makes the juice produced very nutritious.

Also, low speed reduces the blade rotation rates which in turn make the juice extracted to have no foams or frothing. Also, the juicing ingredient also rotates less hence the rate of clogging is totally eliminated.

Auto-Pulp Ejection For Continuous Operation

The extra wide mouth of the juicer is usually placed at the topmost part of the juicer. Then the juicer extracts the juice, and the juice is collected in a separate juice jar. So there is a continuous pulp ejection every time juice ingredients are used which makes it possible for one to juice the ingredients continuously without having to wait or stop the juicer.

Easy To Clean

The juicer is very easy to clean since it can be dissembled then cleaned up before being assembled back to its original form. So once one has dissembled the juicer and with the use of a cleaning brush then this juicer can take much less time being cleaned up while at the same time it’s very easy to clean it since the juicer parts are dissembled making washing and rinsing process much easier.

High Yields

This juicer has very high yields when compared to the amount of the ingredients one will use. For instance, when one uses a pineapple as the ingredient the total yield amount will be much more compared to the initial ingredient.

This is so since the ingredient is ground before being completely squeezed, so the juice extracted becomes more while the pulp removed will be much drier. So the ingredient is utilized completely.


  • High yields.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Auto-pulp ejection for continuous operation.
  • Low slow.
  • Dual juicing stage.


  • The juicer is not ideal for a large family

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the juicer be dissembled when cleaning up?

A: Yes the juicer can be dissembled and assembled during and after cleaning up.

Q: what type of motor does this juicer use?

A: The Omega J8004 juicer uses a powerful single-gear commercial motor.

Q: Can the Omega J8004 juicer comes with a warrant?

A: Yes, the Omega J8004 juicer has a one month trial period with one year warranty.

Final Words

Purchase the new Omega J8004 masticating juicer and am assuring you that you will never regret.  Plus with the pulp-ejection feature, one can be able to juice continuously without necessarily having to stop or wait for the juicer to finish juicing.

You end up saving a lot of time. Plus the juicer can be dissembled hence makes it very easy to clean up the juicer then it can be assembled back after washing.

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